Credit Card

A credit card not only facilitates you to shop without carrying money, it also enables you to get a loan whenever the need arises.

What is a Credit Card ?

A Credit Card is plastic money which is used as a way of payment, facilitating you to purchase products/services on credit. It eases your life & your shopping experience is made simpler as you are not required to carry cash at all the places,
just swipe your credit card & you are given a free credit period of 50-55 days by the bank.


1) Free Credit Period :
Firstly the Credit Card offers you a free credit period (of 50-55 days) from the date of the billing cycle which helps you to purchase on credit without any hassle of carrying cash, thus making your shopping much easier.

2) Online Shopping :
The Credit Card helps you to buy products/services online or over the phone thus helping you to purchase anywhere 24x7.

3) Advantage of various Branding offers :
Most importantly credit cards offer various discounts & schemes which are associated with entertainment, travel, shopping etc. Issuing Credit Card Banks tie up with the reputed brands to sell products/services at attractive rates which you can buy through your credit cards. To check offers running on your credit card.

4) Borrowing cash through credit cards :
You can also withdraw cash through ATMs at any time.

5) Reward point:
Credit Cards also offer reward points on purchases which you can accumulate and redeem later with cash backs & attractive gifts etc.

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